The World Is Our Oyster …

World Map

There is something truely intimidating about having the world at your fingertips.  If you are not confined by obligations, expectations or distance, you have the ability to go anywhere and see everything. If you have the opportunity to “choose” anything or everything, then that in itself is stressful. You see choosing the right country, finding the right experience is stressful. There is so much expectation and hope that the holiday is everything that you dream. If you don’t take your time and think it through maybe you might be disapointed?

So we are certainly taking our time, 43 days until we depart and not much has been booked, no flights, no accommodation, at this point the whole holiday is hinging on one tour we are determined to do. We are tossing around countries like you would paint chips for a wall, we have explored the world from our armchair and are still not sure exactly where we will end up. We have done a bit of travel you see, just enough to make us cautious about where we visit next. We don’t want to see something we have already seen, we want to experience all the new, different and sometimes obscure places the world has to offer without going back to somewhere already bearing our footsteps.

There is also the added pressure of not being able to talk to anyone about it. One thing we realised by having our secret little holiday is how much you rely on other peoples opinions. So the search for the perfect destinations are on. Pouring over maps, travel guides and the internet we are determined to make this trip amazing and all without telling a soul where we will be headed!

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