The Drama Begins ….


Of course it begins, what on Earth is the world coming to if everything is all smooth sailing before we fly out.

I will be honest, the logistics of my husband getting to and from his job are not the easiest. He catches a commercial flight from Perth to Darwin, then a fixed wing charter plane back to a teeny tiny airbase in Northern, Western Australia before finally connecting with a helicopter for the flight out to the oil and gas facility he works on somewhere in the middle of the Timor Sea. The main problem with this arrangement is how very much can go wrong, there are tight deadlines and alot of different elements to consider and about 30% of the time something goes wrong. Not massively wrong but wrong enough that he wont be home on Wednesday night, he will be home Thursday morning instead.

Last year we had a very close call because I pushed the limits. I booked us a Thursday lunchtime flight giving us only a very small contingency if something went wrong. Obviously something did go wrong and poor Ben connected straight from the arrival hall of the domestic terminal, before catching the shuttle buss to meet me at the International airport with 2 suitcases in hand for the long and gruelling flight to Moscow.

This year we thought we had it covered, he flys in on Wednesday so instead of booking a flight on Thursday like last year (I realise this wasn’t the smartest option) We went ahead and went it safe, we booked Friday lunchtime giving an extra 2 days just in case something went wrong. Now 2 days should be plenty of time right? Well right now there is a small cyclone circling around the Timor Sea meaning those boys meant to get off on Wednesday last week …. are still up there twiddling their thumbs. 6 DAYS DELAYED. Unthinkable, Unplannable and totally Unfair!

Now I’m not going to say it’s going to happen in just under 20 days when he tries to get home but seriously …. really …. do you think someone up there is giggling right now?

Instead of planning what im going to wear for the long flight and what to put in my carry on I’m going to be sitting here, working out contingency plans and weighing up potential risk and hopeing, crossing my fingers and even wishing upon starts that there are no new cyclones, no chopper breakdowns, NOTHING that could possibly delay him coming home and us flying out!

Ugghhh, happy 20 day countdown Peta!

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  1. Well Peta it doesn’t sound to good but I’m sure you will have every thing covered, I still think you are going to China then maybe Turkey and maybe finish in India let me know if I’m close Ha! Ha!

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