Day 1 … Smooth Sailing, No Really!

You know that things are going well when you get not just a smile but also a “Merry Christmas” from the guy in immigration.

Things continued to run smoothly with a hassle free duty free shop and then even better a few glasses of very nice single malt scotch in the Emirates International lounge. At this point I think we were just waiting ever so patiently for something to go wrong … but no, emergency exit seats so plenty of leg room, the flight arrives 40 minutes early and even better we get off the plane and a little guy is waiting with a sign to whisk us through the crowds and into a lovely hotel room for our 9 hour stopover. Thats right, no need to pass through security here, hotel in the airport and the ability to have a shower and crawl into bed and just rest.

So things are going well. So well in fact Ben and I put together a few little clues as a hint for our first destination.

Where are we?

  • A country surrounded by tales of both war and peace
  • Home of an actor and politician, the father of psychoanalysis, a swath of musical genius, 19 Nobel prize winners even a celebrity chef. 
  • With a high tomorrow of a whopping 3 degrees its time to pull out the winter woolies!

Get your guessing hats on people, I’m really making it easy for you!

Categories: Flights


  1. With the psychoanalyse clue, im thinking Freud, so Czech Republic or Austria?

  2. G’day I think it’s a cold day in Austria, Arnold Shwartsanager,and many Nobel prize winners have come from there.and was Hitlar,s favorite hide out during the last world war.

  3. Sigmund Freud – definately the father of psychoanalysis – Austria baby!!!
    Loving this game! haha

  4. Austria has 21 nobel laureates

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