Day 2 – Travel and A New City


Good Morning and Welcome to Vienna. That’s right, we are in Vienna, Austria as a few of you guessed!

The part of the holiday we most hate is usually the travel. Travel is stressful, getting through security, wandering around aimlessly until its time to board and the stressing about fitting your luggage in the overheads and the weird person you will be sitting next to.




ImageHowever, again we were pleasantly surprised at how easy this trip was. Our overnight hotel was actually in the terminal so no need to go through security, the Emirates lounge in Concourse A is nothing short of spectacular. Spanning the whole length of the concourse there are two fine dining areas, two business centres and plenty of lounging spaces where you can comfortably wait for your flight. Even better no need to leave the lounge to get to your gate, they have their own separate gates so you just wander onto the plane at your leisure.

Even better, the lovely people in the lounge had put a courtesy hold on the seat between us so we had three seats in which to spread out. It was the most relaxed six hour flight ever, almost like sitting on the couch watching TV.

So enough about our amazement at the ease of travel. We are in Vienna. Somewhere I have always wanted to visit but have never quite made it.

Our hotel is the Hotel Beethoven and its certain a different style of property to what we are used to. The rooms are very uniquely decorated. Ours is covered in a green silk wall mural decorated with birds and rose vines. The shower is tiled in bright gold mosaics and overall its slightly overwhelming but still pretty cool.



The hotel is located right in the heart of everything. We have a lovely food market just a block down full of tiny little restaurants fitted for holding only 8 – 10 tables. Last night we ate at one of these, 6 couples in total fit into the little space with one waiter and a chef. However don’t let that put you off, the wine was amazing and the food, in this instance a lovely pasta place was so good we are tempted to return.

So a good start to Vienna. Tomorrow we are off to immerse ourselves in the Christmas Markets drinking mulled wine and eating copious amounts of chocolate for me and bratwurst for Ben. See, Vienna doesn’t really fit with the “theme” of the holiday but we wanted one little taste of Christmas before we depart for Greener Pastures.

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  1. Did you get on the wrong flight? Thats not Iceland!!! You’ve only gone the worng bl**dy way!

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