Day 3 – Exploring Vienna

Day 2.15

Sooo Vienna. Capital and largest city in Austria with a population of over 1.757 million. Compared to Perth who have a population of 2 million people it’s actually quite a small city. Saying that it is a much prettier city than Perth. Filled with grand baroque style buildings, large formal grand parks and copper monuments tinted that lovely shade of green. It’s funny, although it is a city famous for it’s classical musicians you honestly can almost here the music playing as you wander around in the sunshine.

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And the sun is shining, it was a beautiful fresh day, so very cold your ears and noses sting and yet that sun just took the edge off the cold in the air. So today we wandered through parks and down wide streets lined with naked trees.

We visited the grand palace, where we were lucky enough to see an exhibition showcasing a collection of royal silver and porcelain.  One particular room held a dinner collection of over 4,000 pieces of solid gold. Im sure this was Ben’s personal favourite exhibit because he was so excited he had us racing through trying to see everything!

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We did get to see the Sisi Museum. The Empress Elizabeth of Austria, who her husband Emperor Franz Joseph had nicknamed “Sisi”. It documented her life as a royal and her struggle to deal with the obligations of the role. It was kind of sad, she had anxiety and depression, her mother in law stole her children so she really didn’t have much but her husband adored her and tried to give her as much freedom as possible. She ended up travelling for most of her later life and was assassinated during one of these trips to Switzerland.

Day 2.16

Finally the Christmas markets. Oh the gluewein (hot mulled wine), apple strudel, chocolate dipped fruit and even sausages dipped in garlic, wrapped in bread and deep fried! The smell of pine and sugar and cinnamon and the noise of squealing kids and Christmas carols! The markets are so packed with people its a bit of a game trying to get through.

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So overall what are our thoughts on Vienna. We have thought about it quite a bit today and although are loath to make judgement calls based on one day of exploring the truth of the matter is … maybe. Maybe we would return, maybe not. Although the city is full to bursting with history and it has an overabundance or buildings, museums and palaces to explore for me its just missing that vital piece a city needs … it doesn’t seem to have its own personality. It doesn’t seem to promote everything that is going on, it feels like its resting on its laurels so to speak and for me, its not at the top of my list to return to. We did however get our exciting  little taste of the Christmas Markets and are more than happy we visited this beautiful city!

New hints for tomorrow’s destination coming soon!

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