Day 3 – The Open Seas

Day 3.02

Well, it seems we fooled you all this time, I was hoping the who/what would help you out. Get it, our own language, port/starboard, a class driven system, I’m a ship! he he he. Anyways away from my own cleverness thats right we are on a cruise, something we both vowed we would never do again after the Funchal debacle.

So, after an early departure from Vienna we had a very easy hour and a half flight, a pickup that was on time which is very rare  in this country and then onto the crazy that is embarkation onto the ship.

Normal people suddenly decide that the will die if they don’t push straight to the front of the line, they suddenly have never gone through a security check point and we had to argue our way out of the obligatory photo with a ships wheel and the bit image of the ship.

However once on board there is this sense of quiet, everyone spreads out and its calm, the ship is more than big enough to accommodate the people who have boarded and unless you walk past the buffet or reception you are safe from the crowds.

Day 3.03

Our room, with a balcony is larger than what we had in Vienna, its new and clean and all of the staff are friendly and helpful. In the past holidays it has seemed like there is always some drama we have to deal with but this holiday everything is really just going right so far however we are yet to go to the more interesting destinations on our list so we are not holding out breath.

So tomorrow is our first port and I will be sure to send through the next clue straight from the high seas.

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  1. Oh wow I was waaaay off!! haha
    You guys must have had a right laugh at everyone!! xo

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