Where Are We?

So one all, you guessed one, we got one past the keeper, now onto our next destination. I am;

  • Originally a small fishing village on the Italian Coast it is now one of the top 10 largest cities in Italy
  • I am home to a famous cricket club founded in the late 1800’s and yet still play some of our games on soccer pitch
  • I am famous, being mentioned by name in the first sentence of Tolstoy’s War and Peace.
  • I have born popes and even one of the most famous navigators of all time

Where Are We?

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  1. Oh boy – the pressure – can’t be brutally wrong twice!!!
    I’m locking in ‘Genoa” Eddie…. I know there’s a pretty substantial port there….

    Unless we’re going cryptic again!! haha – Could be anywhere!!

  2. Id have to say Genoa then, mainly from the Tolstoy clue. šŸ™‚ well played on slipping the ship clues through the keeper, well played indeed

  3. Going for Genoa! Christopher Columbus was born there, right? Also mentioned in War and Peace! I miss you…

  4. Gah. I wrote my answer and it got deleted. Unless you approve them? ANYWAY, I’m guessing Genoa too. Christopher Columbus was born there.

  5. We have checked all the clues and are pretty sure Genioa is your leaving port, and we think you are on MSC fantasia Vessel traveling to Italy Greece and then onto Israel for 11 nights are we close.

  6. The holiday looks exciting but we only just connected to your blog and we are still trying to catch up to where you could be. We love the boat sorry ship and are very excited to see what follows in the next blog you send ( sorry first time doing this on a computer )

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