Day 5 – At Sea

Day 5.00

Today was one of 3 days that we were officially “at sea”. No ports to visit, no tours or set itinerary, this was a way of forcing us to relax for just one day.

Day 5.07

 So in the spirit of this relaxation we obviously woke up at 4am and proceeded to sit on the balcony and watch the sunrise. We then found a new place for breakfast that is slightly more civilised that feeding time at the buffet. I swear the buffet is ALWAYS busy, its always full of loud shouting people, screaming kids and the elderly tottering their way slowly up and down the aisles. This breakfast was of the sit down variety and was actually a lovely peaceful way to wake up in the morning.

Day 5.05 Day 5.03 Day 5.02 Day 5.01

After this we wandered the decks exploring our new home for the next 9 days and let me tell you, its a bloody big ship. There are 4 separate pool areas, one main pool situated outside directly centre of the ship, there is also a smaller pool and 2 spa’s situated directly at the back of the ship. One of the other pools is reserved for “Yacht Club Class” and finally there is a large inside pool which is always full of screaming kids and packed with people. We personally prefer the back one as its always quiet and has a bar nice and close.

Day 5.06 Day 5.09 Day 5.10

We have never travelled on a cruise (well in my adult life anyways) and are slightly clueless about all the cruise related specifics, however we have managed to decode the daily newsletter which is full of activities, specials and advice for those going on tours. Some of the activities available on the ship scare me almost to death, line dancing or something named the “Romeo and Juliet Night” have me steering well clear however one thing that I reality did enjoy was a beginners class in understanding the rules of all the different casino games. I am now well and truly a card shark when it comes to blackjack and can’t wait to test out my new superior skills.

Finally, a dress up dinner, a chance to get dressed up, drink champagne and have copious amounts of expensive photo’s taken. Oh yes, the cruise photography business is apparently booming with over 4 different backdrops available to choose from and hoards of people waiting for their go. Its always fun to people watch a photo station with the very typical Italian preening, the German straight forwardness and the Australians who take more time trying to get organised than it does for both the other groups put together.

 Day 5.08

So a sort of relaxing day out at sea, watching the islands coast by slowly and the sun shine prettily. Tomorrow we are off to visit Olympia, birthplace of the Olympic Games.

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  1. It is good to see you guys taking a break and relaxing before the excitement starts. So where are you going?????????

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