Day 7 – Heraklion

Day 7 Map 01

Well happy to report we are still swanning around the Greek Isles and today we stopped off at another little town called Heraklion. Located in Crete this is the islands largest city and the administrative capital of the island.

Day 7 Map 02

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Today we firstly had a lovely visit to an archaeologist site called Knossos. Knossos is one of the largest Bronze Aged ruins on Crete and we are able to gain a bit of a basic understanding of the Minoan civilisation. An English archeologist “Sir Arthur Evans” started excavation of the site back in 1900AD and not only did they excavate but also partially restored the structure which gives us so much more information that the ruins would. To walk along the half built palace was great but what really made the experience worth while was the surrounding view. Crete is such a pretty island with green rolling hills, little stone walls and an organised ordered feel.

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Finally a small stop in town to people watch and eat Greek junk food … kebabs!

IMG_9979 IMG_9985

Tomorrow is another day at sea and then something slightly more controversial. Is it bad that I cant wait to let mum and dad know exactly where we have ended up?

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  1. Are we looking at a possible landing in either Israel or Egypt or could you be heading to the Anzac landing

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