Day 8 – At Sea

When we decided to take the big step and go on a cruise we did hours and hours of research. We researched cabins, which cruises had the best restaurants and also whether it was worth purchasing a drinks package.


With all the research we did it became clear that a drinks package was the best option but which one? There are many options aboard the MSC ships. There is a package where you purchase tickets for wine, beer and water and then use them as you will throughout the cruise. Then there are the all you can drink packages where you pay a daily fee and have access to cocktails, beer and certain wines plus water – this package is called Allegrissimo and it appears most people on board went with this option. The final option is the most inclusive but also the most expensive and called Allegrissimo Premium. This included every cocktail on any menu (there are a few premium options that you just can’t access with the normal package) unlimited access to your mini bar and also any wine or champagne on the list. For me this is a girls dream with unlimited access to Moet and Chandon at the drop of a hat but what drew us really to this package was the ability to have coffee and cake from any of the coffee bars. We are avid coffee drinkers and me personally, as most of you would know can’t even function without my two or three coffees every morning.


So for us there is only two real options that make sense the Allegrissimo or the Premium option. So it all came down to costs really, the Allegrissimo package is $31 AUD per day. The premium option was $57 AUD per day. The way we reasoned it was to ask the question “is it really work the extra $26 per day to have access to EVERYTHING, Champagne, Premium Whiskey, Coffee ect?” Well we decided yes and I have to say its working out quite well, no guilt about my three different coffees every morning, room service at 5am for those full day excursions and obviously the pleasure of the best champagne, scotch and wines.

The one problem with a package like this is that you really feel the need to make it worthwhile. You find yourself drinking more just to make sure you get your moneys worth all the while knowing perfectly well that just drinking two glasses of Champagne with dinner and three coffees would have made it well worth the price.

So back onto day 8 – our day at sea put us through this test, where we drank copious amounts of cocktails, scotch and champagne – enough to probably pay for the whole cruise not just that day in particular.


It all started out innocently enough, with 10am fruit cocktail (its almost juice anyways) while playing cards in the main bar. Obviously by lunch time I was well underway to kicking Ben’s butt so we bypassed lunch and kept playing. At 4.30 in the afternoon we got ready for dinner and then back to more drinking with our 4 Norwegian friends we shared a table with. Then onto another bar where we introduced them to a rather noisy game of “spoons” which ended in Hemming (a strapping Norwegian lad) and Ben wrestling on the floor for the final spoon. So off to bed at 11.30pm and not once did we think about costs, stopping or anything else for that matter. So is it worthwhile, yes but I do think there needs to be some care taken about trying to make it worth your while because one of us and I’m not going to say who paid for it the next day ….

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  1. Yes that would be the drinks package we would pick. Hope you guys have a great Christmas day on board your ship.

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