Day 11 – At Sea … Again

Day 11.03 Day 11.04

So we are again … at sea, and I have to say I’m not 100% sure that Ben is buying into the whole “relaxing” thing that this cruise seem to promote. He likes to be doing something and even the promise of salsa dancing with the entertainment team doesn’t seem to be capturing his interest.

Me … I’m personally happy to sit somewhere and read all day long, with someone every so often asking if they can get me a drink.

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So, the cruise, we thought we would take to you about the food. Yes there is a lot of food and its perfectly possible for you to eat at least 12 times a day. There is an early breakfast in the buffet, a morning pasty truck with your coffee and then the three meals a day at 3 different restaurant as well as a few pizza bars, pastry shops and ice creameries. Yes there is a lot of food on this cruise and I myself have no doubt put on at least 5 kg’s even when I’m trying not to eat the 6 courses available at dinner. To give you some idea of the quantities we are talking there are 3,000 people on board and in one week they happily consume the following:

  • 37,000 Eggs
  • 6,500kg Poultry
  • 8,500 Fish
  • 9,000kg Meat
  • 30,000kg Fruit
  • 7,000kg Vegetables
  • 22,000kg Salads
  • 10,000kg Potato’s
  • 5,000kg Rice
  • 10,000kg Flour

The quantities are totally and completely amazing. The amount of food available and possibly wasted on this cruise blows your mind and while on one hand I realise that this is …. not just expected but almost a selling point for a cruise I think to myself that maybe we shouldn’t be eating everything that is put in front of us … although with the pain au chocolate’s they seem to be making I really can’t say too much as this is one of my biggest Achilles heels.

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  1. Peta we had the same problem on our cruise with the amount of food to eat. We used the excuse if I had to eat then I had better have another beer to wash it down. So are you guys heading to Egypt now or going to Lebanon???????

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