Day 12 – Athens

Day 12.09

Merry Christmas to all … yes we are back in Greece and coming towards the end of our cruising experience however this was a short stop to break up the trip home.

Christmas day started quieter than normal, we woke to us slowly cruising into port, the light soft and quiet, we put Christmas carols on, drank coffee and posted Happy Christmas wishes on Facebook for our closest family and friends. We did miss the noise and craziness of our normal christmas day …. it was quiet, calm and just that little bit different. We dressed, had a quiet breakfast and then hopped on a bus for a quick tour of Athens.

Day 12.01 Day 12.02 Day 12.03 Day 12.05 Day 12.06 Day 12.07 Day 12.08

Everything was of course closed but we got to see the basics, the first Olympic Stadium, a beautiful view of the Acropolis and of course a multitude of old streets full of character and charm. I will say this is another city I just like. The buildings were old and run down, some even derelict and of so many different architectural periods sitting right next to each other. One a beautiful period property then next a modern minimalist wonder.

Day 12.11 Day 12.12

Orange trees full of fruit line the streets and the smell of coffee is strong.

Day 12.10

So we wandered the streets enjoying the sunshine climbing over ruins as though the city was one giant playground.

So now one more day at sea and a clue will be coming for our next destination so stay tuned.

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