Day 14 – Travel … and Where Are We?

Today we travel for what seems like forever. It’s long and tiring and full of customs, immigration, ticket counters and cues and flights. In other and more exciting news the next clue is down below….

Where are we …

  • I am a city that can see another continent from its shores …..
  • My history begins around the year 660BC
  • My city has the same population as a small European Country
  • I was once famous for having over 1400 public toilets
Categories: Packing & Planning


  1. I remember reading about the toilet thing in a novel – Istanbul had them all and pretty much the rest of Europe had none! Enjoy!

  2. Ok we have guessed it you are off to Turkey, Istanbul to see the Blue Mosque it is we’ll know for its toilets in the 660 bc you can see Asia or Europe from across the Bosphorus and it has a lot of people Dad is green with envy he said don’t miss the famous markets and the Aya Sofya and much more you are so lucky can’t wait to see your photos

  3. Well I was way of with my guess.

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