Day 18 – Final Thoughts on Istanbul and Travel

Day 19 - Travel

So today we fly out of Istanbul and to say I’m sad to be leaving is an understatement. For me Istanbul is a city full of personality. Its loud, its dirty, its also extremely crowded but it has personality and it has heart. Ok maybe not a well working heart, it has a heard with a bit of a murmur and and perhaps it beats that little bit faster than what we are used to be its so full of life you can’t help but be mesmerised.

This morning we ate breakfast on the rooftop of the hotel, I can smell the frankincense and hear the echo of the call to morning prayer rippling over the quiet … the sound of the call to prayer is full of emotion for me. Its just like standing in a church listening to the voices of a choir reverberating around the walls of the church, the voice calling out to the people, almost monotone but full of spirit gives me such pleasure I can’t help just stop and listen, its a voice of a culture, a culture that we don’t really get to see at home and maybe it would get old quickly with the voice calling out 4 or 5 times a day but for me, its a chance to stop, to take in the city and make me realise just how far away from home I really am!

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  1. We hope you guys have a happy new year and we look forward to following the last legs of your holiday. Take care love Alan & Erica.

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