Final Clue … Where In The World Are Ben & Peta


Ok so onto our final clue for this trip, its not going to be an easy one. We have made a few a little bit too easy for you so this one is going to be that bit more challenging.

  1. I am a country surrounded by angry neighbours but consider myself liberal in my thinking.
  2. For one of my main attractions people have to go down as low as they can before floating as high as possible
  3. Although much has been written about parts of me, nothing really prepares you for the wonders you will see
  4. My capital city has no really discerning land marks and almost every building looks almost identical
Categories: Jordan


  1. Ok we have checked all the clues a country surrounded by angry neighbors are you in Jordan, hopefully Ben will still float in the Dead Sea after all the good food in Turkey. Don’t get board with all the same buildings in the capital of Amman their still very interesting for photos and Dad is very very envious of you visiting Petra one of the new seven wonders of the world you lucky buggers. He has requested some photos of the Nabataeans water gathering system and this should be a very photogenic page for him but take lots of photos on your approach to Petra through the limes stone looks fantastic love to you both happy new year dad and mum

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