The Travel Drought Is Over

After a great deal of excitement in 2013 with our epic adventure through Greece, Turkey, Israel and Jordan, 2014 turned out to be a year seriously lacking in flights … well other than work trips to a very barren mine site but there is no way that counts as travel! Oh no, 2014 was all about getting smart with our money and becoming grownups, 2015 however has started with a bit of a bang and im happy to report we have a small trip coming up.

A relaxing trip, a trip to recharge the batteries before our real adventures begin, this Easter we will be travelling to Bali, Indonesia. For some people this trip is a yearly pilgrimage, for others a place you wouldn’t consider touching with a ten foot pole …. And to be honest, until recently we were in the “never going to happen” camp because Bali tends to have a bit of a bad name when it comes to the type of Australian visitors who frequent it.

However, we have decided to turn this week long sojourn into a bit of a chance to prove that its not all about Bintang singlets and bogans – it is possible to have a chilled out trip in Bali without having to spend a fortune. Hopefully our trip will be all about lazy morning by the pool, the occasional chance to explore Bali for the first time in 5 years, great food and amazing locations for our obligatory pre-dinner drink!

Categories: Packing & Planning

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