Bali – Location Location Location

I’m not going to lie to you, Australians in Bali have a really bad rep and to be honest a lot of it is well deserved. For some Australians Bali is a cheap destination filled with cheap beers, drunken nights and a misunderstanding that because you are overseas you no longer have to act in a civilised manner. Picking where you are going to stay will have a big impact on just how many of these Bali bogans” you have to put up with in the course of a day.

For me there are five main areas people decide to stay;

  • Ubud – a bit of a tropical paradise up in the mountains full of hand crafted purchases and peaceful tranquility. For me Ubud is pretty isolated with no easy way to travel from place to place without involving a fair bit of driving.
  • Kuta – original home of tourism this was my first ever destination over 20 years ago however it has since evolved into Party central and while somewhere great to visit I don’t know if I have the fortitude to stay here long term.
  • Nusa dua – a private gated community its full of amazing 5 star resorts most set on the beach. It is a bit of a drive into Kita but it’s safe and controlled. Families love Nusa Dua but for us as a couple its a bit too family friendly.
  • Seminyak – seminyak and the surrounding area are a fairly new addition to the Bali area. It’s renowned for its busily and surprisingly good restaurant scene and amazingly beautiful and popular beach bars where you sit and swim in their private pool drinking cocktails while watching the sun set.
  • Legian – legion is set between Kuta and Seminyak and is a bit of the best of both worlds. Close to the beach, close to kuta and only a short drive to the restaurant strip.

Obviously everyone has a favorite but for us it was a bit of a no brainer – we chose seminyak because it suited what we wanted out of our holiday, amazing food, sipping cocktails in great beach bars and yet close to the action if we decide we wanted to venture into town.

Tomorrow I will show you our resort. With so many options to choose its hard and sometimes frustrating to know if you have made the right decision and is it really worth the cost?

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