I’m Back ….

Stormy weather is coming

A Storm is coming

It’s been a year since I last posted on this blog and the truth is its been a bit of a sad time in Perth. LOTS of people in the oil and gas game have lost their jobs, it was my role originally to help coordinate the rate reductions and contract ends and then just when I think things are calming down I too lost my own job. So it was 12 months of stress, worry and hard work learning a completely new role in a new company in a new industry. I’m not going to lie, 2015 sucked a lot and because of all the uncertainty for us holidays were a “no go” however now things have calmed down, my new role is secure, my husband has been granted a temporary waive of execution (not really, he has just been told he has to move production facilities which for him is pretty stressful) so a holiday is now back on the cards … thankfully.

To be honest, in the interests of striking while the iron is hot, we have booked a rather large, epic Christmas family adventure which I will discuss in more detail down the track but in two days we will be escaping drizzly, dismal Perth for 4 days to the lovely city of Melbourne. That’s right, just a little trip, in part to prepare for our large Christmas trip but additionally just because we need a break from the hum drum of every day life and I have decided as I am determined that this is the new normal that I will be taking you with me to explore the fun new parts of Melbourne I haven’t seen before.

So stick with me – the next few months are going to be fun

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