Eau De Vie Melbourne – Cocktail Degustation Review


Sooo I’m in Melbourne and for me getting the dinner bookings right was important. The opportunity to try new and unique eateries is one of my favorite reasons we travel to Melbourne and Friday night was a cracker!!! Eau De Vie … a prohibition era bar with a fantastic array of cocktails and an atmosphere that just jumps. This particular bar does something slightly different, a cocktail degustation with 5 courses of food paired with 5 cocktails. Now I really didn’t know what to expect here, I wasn’t sure how this was going to be achieved or presented and going in blind was exciting. The bar itself isn’t sign posted but just a metal door in a dark alley and it was only when the door opened that the swelling sounds of old jazz wafted out into the night. This bar is that good that people constantly line up in the little hall at the bottom of the bar waiting for a table. Lucky for us we were the only two who had booked in for this particular option so we ended up in a quiet little booth filled with photo’s from the prohibition era and obscure objects like a old oil lamp, old books and a globe.

The degustation itself is following the evolution of alcohol through the ages starting in the 16th century and working it’s way forward to today. Not only do we get cocktails and food but also a short explanation on what reference the cocktail had on the history of alcohol. I think the reason this works so very well is because the hostess was passionate and helped us get into the spirit of the event. Nothing was too much trouble and her attention to details and amazing level of service really made this work well and not feel corny or trite.

The whole event is theatrical with fire, gun powder and liquid nitrogen all making an appearance throughout the night. The other brilliant thing about this menu was that the food didn’t take second place, each plate of food delivered matched not just the era discussed but also the cocktail balancing each other perfectly. Were the cocktails strong? yes and they weren’t sweet traditional choices, each one challenged your palette slightly differently giving you an abundance of new and unique experiences.

Who – http://eaudevie.com.au/

Where – Malthouse Lane, Melbourne

How Much – $150 per person for 5 courses of food and matching cocktails.

Overall Opinion – An amazing cocktail degustation event in a good old fashioned speak easy style bar in the heart of Melbourne. The cocktails are unique and well thought out with their presentation and delivery a form of theater with every order. If you can’t get into one of their dinners make sure to just book a table for drinks, it will be well worth the effort!




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