The Plan Is Set – Route Confirmed


Sooo … we have a holiday – flights are booked, its too late to turn back now. We are officially 90 days out from our Epic Family Christmas Trip. The reason this trip is so epic to be honest is because we will be all together. We are only a small family (6 of us in total) but with 4 of us working away finding a “date” when everyone is home for Christmas is usually quite hard. Last year our family Christmas was the end of October – so you can imagine with finding 1 day with everyone home a challenge trying to organize weeks away together was a logistical nightmare, we have had to deal with long service leave, modified rosters, unpaid leave and begging a boss to approve and that is only the beginning.

It’s also a bit of a challenge trying to take into accounts everyone’s “must have to-do’s” but I think from a route perspective we are there.


Ok so the route – my parents, Ben and I will be starting our trip in Lucerne, Switzerland and then meeting my sister and her partner in Prague for Christmas, We will then drive up to Berlin where we will be celebrating New Years Eve before travelling up to Northern Finland to the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort where we will be doing some pretty epic things. From there we will be travelling back down to Helsinki where my sister and her partner will be leaving us, Ben and I plus my parents will continue onto Iceland where we have organised a full on week of adventure activities before flying back to London where after 2 days my parents will be deserting us. Ben and I will then spend another 5 days travelling around the English countryside before four days in Dubai (Ben’s personal favorite) and then back home again to Perth.

Obviously there is still stacks to think about, accommodation that suits 6, tours, flights – oh my goodness, clothing. The average temperature in Finland in January is -14 however it can get down to -20 so making sure we have the correct winter gear for this trip is going to be fun. Well we will certainly keep you informed as to the progress of this trip!

90 DAYS TO GO!!!!!

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