Base Layer Packing – Fluffy Ugg Boot Pants

Ok so technically they are not called “fluffy ugg boot pants” but for some reason that is what I picture every time I see these little beauties. The technical term here is fleece lined tights. See I wasn’t really expecting to find much in relation to keeping my pins warm, I expected the coat would cover the top of my thighs and my boots to mid calf so I just needed to suck it up live with the cold between those two areas. I didn’t even know these things existed, but they do and boy are they miracles.

These stretchy little technical masterpieces are fleece lined and so bloody warm I wanted to curl up into a ball and go to sleep on the spot. fleece-pants-base-layer-ugg-boots-for-your-legsI think these will replace my normal tights under skirts and dresses in warmer areas and an additional layer under ski pants in cooler areas.

I found the RAB Powerstretch Pants perfect for both Ben and Myself, they sit nice and high on the body so add just another layer of warmth to your kidneys and they are tight enough not to cause an issue if you decide to add another layer over the top.

Where on earth do you find these in Australia you may ask – well for me it was Bogon Equipment in Melbourne (they have an online store also) however I do know they are available other places online so perhaps do some shopping around. From a size perspective they are tight but I found them to be equivalent to my normal size if I was buying sports tights.

Now finally costs, these babies are not cheap costing me just over $130 per pair. So the big question is, why do I think you should buy these if you are doing the big winter travel holiday …. well we spend so very much money on getting somewhere this cold. When you think about it, do you want to remember the holiday and all the wonderful experiences you have paid good money for, or do you want to sit in the car, too cold to get out and explore because your just not set up correctly.

For me this really is a no brainier –  The “fluffy ugg boot pants” win … Hands Down!

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