These Boots Are Made For Walking …. In Snow, Ice and Mud!!!

So for me, packing a reasonable amount of shoes for a trip is hard, I ALWAYS pack at least 3 pairs more than I actually need so in the spirit of me becoming a super packer I am determined to pack smarter and less. My aim is to pack 4 – 5 pairs of shoes total for this trip and when I started thinking about it most of my trip is cold so I need boots, hikers, sneakers and snow boots. Easy right except there are so so so many options.

In the past both Ben and I have lived in Merrell’s, comfortable, easy but not always practical, they get wet, are not particularly stylish and are quite heavy for tramping around in so this year I narrowed down exactly what I needed. I need something tall for keeping the snow out when Ben throws me into snow drifts, something sturdy for walking on glaciers, something stylish but warm to wear with smart clothes at Christmas and new years and then finally something easy for the airport that I don’t need to take off when I go through security.

So what did I decide on, well the Merrells are out, instead I picked a hiking book by a French brand Palladium, just a little bit smarter than a normal hiking boot so I can wear them around the city as well as out in the country in Iceland. I also wanted to find a taller now type boot and although I tried on nearly every single pair under the sun I ended up deciding on the Sorel Tofino boot. Although I’m not desperately in love with the fur on top these were by far the most comfortable boots I tried. They were light, sturdy and fit me perfectly so yay. 2 pairs of boots done, 2 pairs to go!

Now as for my “something smart” I decided on a knee high flat sole leather boot. Some things I considered here …. Flat so easy to wear all day, tall so I can tuck in my jeans and wear with skirts or dresses and tights. Also I choose leather because its soft and comfortable. The only downfall to these shoes is that they are “good” boots, and from experience, the salt they use to keep ice off the footpaths could potentially damage them. My plan is to waterproof them before I go and then wipe them over if they do start to go a little bit salty white. I chose these lovely Supersoft boots at a Melbourne DFO for under $100, an absolute bargain if you ask me.

Finally my every day / airport shoes, I went for a pair of white Adidas sneakers, why did I not think of this earlier, they are comfortable, will look good with jeans, I can wear them with shorts in Dubai should I decide to pack shorts and they shouldn’t set off the metal detectors so no socks on dirty floors. Who would have thought finding shoes for such a complicated holiday would be this easy but it certainly was.

Next up is my coats … the thing that is ultimately going to stop me turning into a polar bears ice lolly! This is a decision I have been putting off however we are down to the wire here – 33 days and we are outta here!!!

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