The Big Flight Over – Emirates First Class Review

Waking up at 2am for the 5.40 flight wasn’t my favorite way to start my holiday but that seemed to just melt away when we arrived at the first class check in, no lines or waiting, straight up to the counter and we are on our way. Additionally with the new upgrades to the Perth international airport immigration was a breeze with everything now automated. Now for some reason Ben and I are blessed with the ability to pick the worst line anywhere world wide. It may only have 2 people waiting in front of us but without fail we will take three times as long as any other line in a particular spot. Our wonderful good luck held with us being directed behind a family who seemed to think removing liquids and laptops from their bag actually mean pouring every single item out of their FIVE carry on suitcases then scattering it between six trays then standing there repacking on the conveyor while everyone else, including us rolls their eyes at being stuck behind THAT family!
 So now for what you have all been waiting for – first class. Don’t get me wrong it’s so flash and golden that your teeth hurt and to compound it even that little bit further Ben and I were lucky enough to be the only people in first on the Perth to Dubai leg. The suite itself is huge with a chair and little desk area in front of the MASSIVE tv. There are designer amenities kits and luxury Dom Perignon champagne being thrown at you from the moment you sit down. You little carry on sits snuggly in the corner of you suite and even stretching out your legs still can’t touch the end of your own personal space. Ben and I choose the middle seats and so we’re able to interact with each other throughout the flight. The captain was kind enough to come down and check on how we are doing and the flight attendants can’t do enough to make sure you are happy.

 The food was surprisingly good for airplane food and Ben now has a new appreciation for truffles with the potato and white truffle soup being a hit. I had a steak on my first flight which was amazing, the beef rib with red cabbage and gnocchi on the second flight not quite so great.  
 The showers at 40,000 feet, one of the big draws for this flight were odd, it was a large bathroom with all the amenities you can ask for and 5 whole minutes of water with a little timer telling you just how much time you have left. It was a pleasure just thinking about the fact that there is nothing underneath you but air and was something I can now say I have done. And finally Ben decided he couldn’t have a shower in the sky without a very cheeky selfi to prove it … I’m sorry in advance!!!

 Now when we originally looked into it we were told we wouldn’t be able to use the first lounge because we were traveling with my parents so you can imagine our delight when we were told that we were actually allowed to bring our parents into the first lounge. Free hand and arm massages for mum and I and the boys decided to try out the a la Cart menu, funny thing is they could have ordered salmon, wage beef or many other luxury choices … but what did dad decide on … wedges, go figure!

 Overall this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I felt privileged to be able to experience it. On our way home I am lucky enough to be able to try out British airways first class product so I’m actually excited to be able to compare the two options.

 So we have finally arrived in Lucerne and I can’t wait to explore the city.

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