Lucerne – A Chocolate Box City

Waking up after twenty something hours of flying is always going to be a bit icky and this time was no different. Eyes gritty and brains just a little bit mush it was decided that A big breakfast was a good starting point to the day. Toast with creamed cheese and pate and a battle with the juice machine which spat out a teaspoon of juice concentrate instead of a cup of juice and we were out into the cold.

 The plan for the day was a cruise around the lake – there is a large lake cruise which would take five and a half hours to get from one end to the other and return but we settled on a 2 hour option which took us about a third of the way up. The ferry left the station at 12 so we hard two hours to wander around the town. At 9 in the morning we seemed to have beaten the morning tourist rush with the lake still and silent like glass. Our breaths fogging the air in front of us as we quietly wandered around the lake, the buildings we discovered like something you would see on an old chocolate box. I can’t even begin to describe how truly lovely Lucerne is as a city. Everything is perfect and quaint, building painted with murals, vines climbing over brickwork and little windows sparkling with Christmas lights.

 Finally it was time for the boat tour. We drank hot mulled wine as we coasted around the lake, the fog casting an eerie glow over the little towns that drifted in and and of view. In summer these holiday resorts must be packed with people but in winter all was calm and silent. Modern architecture sitting side by side with traditional gingerbread style houses.

 That night the cold rush in further with the temperature dropping into the minuses we rugged and and wandered around the Christmas markets. Not as large as those is Vienna or Germany the locals congregated to catch up drinking gluwein or mulled wine as we call it. Finally dinner at a Lucerne brewery called Rathaus Brauerei where we indulged in schnitzel and sausage, the boys tried the two local beers brewed on site while mum and I had two of the largest glasses of wine I have ever seen in my life.

 Tomorrow the plan was to visit Jungfrau, one of the tallest viewing platforms in Switzerland however when looking into pricing to get there it’s going to be approx $700 per couple which is a little bit much so it’s back to the drawing board … what will our second day in Lucerne bring?

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