Lucerne – Mt Pilatus, an adventure just getting there!

So today I don’t have to start my post talking about waking up feeling terrible. Today I get to start with a charming little coffee shop we visited for breakfast perched over the river opposite the train station. A tiny little coffee shop with maybe six tables in total, they had the best coffee we have had yet and lovely crunchy paninis. 

Now yesterday we decided not to visit Jungfrau because it was just going to be too expensive. Today we decided that instead we would visit one of the other mountains in the area Mt Pilatus. Much much closer to Lucerne, only 15 minutes on a bus and less than half the price. Now I know it’s nowhere near as high as Jungfrau but it still seemed like a great idea to discover a bit more of Prague. 
We purchased an all in one ticket from the tourist info center that included public bus fare and tickets on the cable car before making out way over to the bus station opposite the post office and waiting in the cold for the number 1 bus.

 The bus itself is massive with a normal two carriage stretchy bus like we have in Perth but then they add an additional … section? like a trailer making these the longest busses we have ever seen. Obviously we missed our stop and ended up somewhere out in the suburbs with a bus driver that spoke no English we resorted to hand gestures trying to mime a cable car. He pointed us up a road before chasing after us and gesturing for us to get on the bus again. Our trust in him we sat patiently as we returned the same way we had come before he stops suddenly, talking to fast to even understand the basics and throwing his arm towards a road up a hill.

Again in the bus driver we trust and so we wandered up the hill past a church and old overgrown cemetery before out of the clouds appears a little red cable car.

 For me, as someone who has a completely rational fear of heights the entire trip up was heart stopping, pee my pants type scary. The first section is in a small 4 person gondola that coasts gently through the frost covered trees, clouds drifting gently through the silent pine forest. It was a peaceful journey other than Ben and dad climbing all over us and each other, hanging through the little window trying to take the best photo.

 The second stage is in a large cable car that would hold maybe 20. Windows to the floor the almost vertical climb was absolutely terrifying. The view at the top however made everything worth it and no words can describe how beautiful it was looking out over the top of the clouds, small pockets of mountain tops visible in the distance.

 After spending hours wandering around we had a long lazy lunch at the restaurant at the top, fondue, beer and wine were the order of the day with the thought that the way down wouldn’t be half so terrifying for me after two wines… it still was.

 A brilliant day trip for us and our last full day in Lucerne. Tomorrow we are off to Prague where we will be meeting up with two more members of our family, my sister and her partner Rob!

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