Our Christmas Eve On The Set Of A Disney Movie – Cesky Krumlov

Today we are all together and boy is it good. Ben and I decided to start the day with a wander around town while everyone slept. The noise of an organ drew us to a church where a choir were practicing, we snuck in and listened as the voices rolled around the walls of the cathedral.
 Breakfast with the whole family before we were whisked off on our day trip to Cesky Krumlov. It’s a two hour trip down and the scenery is flat but pretty with snow covered pines flashing in and out of view as we drove.

 The town itself is magnificent. Totally unbelievably pretty, it is like something straight out of a Disney movie with a river curling lazily through town, little pink blue and yellow houses lined up in a row in front of shines cobble stoned streets.

 Lunch today was street food from the town square Christmas markets, sausage, potato and cabbage, home made fries, cinnamon and Nutella sort of donuts, mulled wine and even mead. I swear we were like children running to find something else the minute we were finished with what we had just ordered.

 We spent the entire day exploring the city, our guide running through 800 years of history. The day grew dark around 4 and by the time we got home at 5.30 it felt like 9ish.

Rob, my sisters partner outdid himself on his navigation skills finding our restaurant for the night in record time, his new title for the trip “finder of things!”

 The restaurant itself La Bottega Linka, is a brand new Italian restaurant that came highly recommended. The food was amazing, limited options but each well thought out and amazing. Starters we had a mix between a melted cheese with figs and an ash cooked potato in carbonara sauce. Mains was wild boar pappardelle, traditional meat lasagna and a lamb shank with pomegranate. The wine from Tuscany finished off a lovely night and a beautiful way to celebrate Christmas Eve.
Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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