Prague – Our Very Own Fairytale City

Yesterday a travel day moving us from Beautiful Lucerne to Fairytale Prague. A quick wander around town and then we were in the air jetting over the mountains towards the Czech Republic. When we arrived at our hotel at 3 in the afternoon we could see when we pulled up the Christmas markets were in full swing. Our rooms, the last three at Hotel U Prince were beautiful, we were lucky enough to book a large suite with three feet thick walls and cathedral like ceilings.
 Today my sister and her partner joined us in our trip, the family unit now complete. The Prague Christmas markets were just as beautiful as I remembered, food and hot mulled wine giving the air a festive scent. We wandered around town, taking our first look of the trip at Charles bridge before we went to my first restaurant choice Cestre.
 This place has its own built in butchery and specializes in turning local produce into beautiful food. Ben has been dreaming about milk beer for years after tasting it the last time he visited Prague. The actual result where they pour you a whole jug full of froth and you have to let it settle before drinking it wasn’t quite as good as he remembered.

 Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and we are off on a trip to Cesky Krumlov.

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