Christmas Feasting in Prague – Novomestsky Pivovar Brewery


Christmas Day! A slow start with champagne in our room before a stroll around a quiet city then onto the main event – a village feast at Novomestsky Pivovar Brewery. Now let me start start by giving you a run down on just what’s included in this feast! 10 liters of the breweries own beer, roast goose with crispy skin, neck of pork, chicken with stuffing, grilled pork fillet, roast knuckle of pork, roasted sausages, fried potato wedges, potato pancakes, farmers potatoes, bread, bacon and potato dumplings and red and white cabbage. 
The sheer amount of food is ridiculous, it takes 2 people to carry in the tray and even with all 6 of us there was no way we could finish it.

 Our solution, package it up and hand out a hot meal to the homeless in Prague! Our Christmas goodwill gesture!
   Oh Yes, and dad met his own idea of Santa!!!

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