Prague – The final stand, a castle & a food tour

Our last full day in Prague had a Rocky start, it turns out Segway has been banned in the centre of town and what did we have booked today but a city Segway tour! So plan B was to venture up the bloody steepest hill known to man and explore Prague Castle. The ticket we purchased allowed us to visit four places, golden lane which is the old castle merchant street still in use in the 50’s. 
We saw suits of armor and weapons through the ages. 

We visited an old church small and humble with some beautifully painted roofs, then the old palace, stone walls and coats of arms and the most beautiful central hall I have ever seen, it’s spines curving outwards like a living breathing decorative ribcage.  
Finally my personal favorite St Vitrius Cathedral. This is the most amazingly beautiful church I have had the privilege of visiting. Plain stone walls accentuate beautiful colored stained glass and soaring ceilings.

 This is the second time we have visited and it still manages to take your breath away.

  Finally a food tour with a company called Taste of Prague. This tour was all about the evolution of the Prague food culture. We started a shot of our guides mothers traditional home made plumb brandy. This stuff was potent burning all the way down and warming you slowly from the inside. Next we stopped at a new coffee shop for an apricot, coffee husk tea which was lovely and soft. 
Next up we visited a local butcher renowned now it’s sustainable 1905 methods, they only purchase meat that meet the standards in the pre communist farming manuals and are attempting to bring back some of the older tastier forms of meat almost made extinct because it wasn’t viable from a communist perspective they wanted volume not quality. We had a taste of meatloaf, traditional Czech sausage and then a slide of bread with steak tartar. All were amazing with the quality of the meat really shining through.

 Next up was a traditional beer hall, built to look just like a communist beer hall its austere design is at odds with its trendy reputation. It boasts some of the best beer of the nation with no preservatives and plenty of flavor. Wash that down with ham and horseradish cream, schnitzel with potato salad and the meat and breaded dumplings with a creamy vegetable sauce. Such great hearty food how can you not become immersed in the past in such an environment.

 Next up was a hole in the wall wine bar, when the Czechs signed up to the European Union apparently part of the agreement was that they wouldn’t compete with the other nations wine production so agreed not to extend their wine acres past what they already had. I think it was only 41,000 acres of grapes meaning that wine in Czech is going to be only on a small scale. One of the wines we taste even had the wine makers name, mobile and email on the bottle just in case you had any questions.

 Our last stop was our of town, a new vegetarian restaurant that prides itself of local no nonsense produce. The food here was interesting and some was amazing but some just pushed me a little to far into the modern. This seemed like Prague really pushing its boundaries on its food culture, it was such an interesting tour. I only wish we had booked this tour earlier so we could take advantage of other food recommendations while we were here.

 Tomorrow we leave Prague for Berlin and while Prague will ever be my favorite city I really can’t wait to see what new wonders Berlin has to offer!

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