Dresden – A city of surprises … and more beer

Today we drove from Prague to Berlin. A 3.5 hour drive we made a 2 hour stop in Dresden. Now Dresden was flattened in the war, they used carpet bombs to make a statement so I wasn’t expecting much in the form of historical architecture but boy was I in for a surprise.

 Dresden has some of the prettiest buildings I have seen so far on my trip. There was baroque statues and ornamental fountains to ornate buildings covered in gargoyles and faces. A church that was flattened during the war was rebuilt using computer technology like a giant 3D jigsaw puzzle with lost or damaged pieces being rebuilt.

 Finally for me the best part was the wall of kings. A golden tiled wall spanned 100’s of meters depicting a procession of kings starting from 1100 AD to the last king in the 1900’s. Seeing their costumes change over the eras was fascinating and every time you looked something different and exciting appeared.

   The rest of the drive to Berlin was cold and wet with rain bucketing the entire drive. We made it the the hotel in one piece and decided on an early dinner at a beer hall because we hadn’t eaten since breakfast. Sausage, schnitzel and spatzle were all on the menu along with copious amounts of beer.


 Berlin has pleased all the boys with their super large liter beers and surprised the girls with the cleanliness and order. Tomorrow we explore!

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