Berlin Day 1 – Breakfast with a View

Our first day in Berlin and I wanted it to be special so organized breakfast at the top of the Reichstag building. The view was amazing and the food was pretty good as well. We went for continental breakfasts, champagne bread, ham, cheeses and yogurts and there was just so much food no one could even look at a menu until late afternoon.
 A light depressing drizzle set in so it was decided instead we would take a look at the city from the dry comfort of the hop on hop off bus. Such a great idea it gave us the basic understanding of the layout of the city.

 Finally some Christmas markets with mulled wine, beer, Nutella crepes and curryworst sausage. this was actually the Christmas Market where the truck plowed into right before Christmas. It was a sad moment but the power of the people to not give in to fear was there with the markets full!

 A pretty full on day in Berlin we all crawled into bed exhausted. Tomorrow we learn all about the Cold War!

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