Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort – Dog Sledding & The Majesty of The Northern Lights

Day 2 in Kakslauttanen and it just got colder. A lot colder actually with temperatures predicted to be in the -20’s. Today dressing just got serious, 3 thermals, 1 singlet and 2 long sleeve, an icebreaker wool turtleneck jumper, some arctic fluffy leggings, ski pants, Canada goose coat, thermal leather mittens, two pairs of thick woolen socks, sorrel boots, neck warmer and beanie and that was just to go to breakfast! Afterwards there was more sledding, exploring the resort and cards with baileys slushies made from arctic ice. Oh yes and when you buy beer here they give you a free bag of ice he he he

 Next up was dog sledding. We were so excited about dog sledding, it was going to be fast and exciting … only our dogs were having a bit of an off day and we had to run with the sled most of the time. I think it was just too cold and for me sitting in the sled the cold was almost unbearable. My poor husband on the other had was running so much that he started sweating which ended up making him even colder. I’m not going to lie, I think it was just too cold to fully enjoy and our dogs lack of pull made it quite a bit of hard work. Sitting in front of the fire afterwards there was steam rising off our boots and gloves.

 Finally, tonight was our night for the northern lights, we decided to have another go on the snow mobiles, this time having learnt our lesson we booked a private tour for the six of us. The temperature had dropped below -30 at this point and on top of our already ridiculously bulky wardrobes for the day we were then bundled into giant puffer jump suits, balaclavas and helmets.

 Now for the good bit, the sky was crystal clear and after zooming out into the wilderness, the trails we were using untouched by tourists, nothing more than ranger tracks really. We went to a swamp with clear open spaces, all the snow mobile lights were switched off and there they were. Green, pink and even white lights clearly visible in the sky. We stood there in the cold, silently watching the sky light up, the light curving around itself, it slowly splits from a line in the sky to a dancing spiraling curve. Tears froze on my lashes, I was seeing something very few people on the world we lucky enough to see. This was a moment I will forever remember. Photos were harder, our cameras struggled to focus on the changing colours and the temperature was so cold that leaving our hands exposed to the elements for more than 30 seconds was enough to make them burn painfully so one very bad photo only I’m afraid!

 Oh yes, and when we got back to the cabin the temperature gauge said -38 … yes that’s right it’s truly arctic weather now.

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