Kakslauttanen Resort – Ice Fishing and The Northern Lights!

Our final full day in Kakslauttanen and it was going to be a big one – ice fishing at lake Inari.
To start with today was even colder than yesterday with temperatures dipping to -40! The drive from the resort to the lake was just under an hour, after kitting ourselves up again in the giant puffer suits we were snowmobiling across the lake to our fishing hole. Today was unbearably cold with hands burning almost the minute your gloves came off.

 The ice fishing itself was easy, drill a hole wash away the ice so it doesn’t freeze over and then drop in a line and jiggle.

 This was fun for the first 30 minutes but it wasn’t long before we were all huddled in front of the fire desperately trying to get warm.

 A bowl of salmon soup (fish we didn’t catch) and then we went and explored a church that is only accessible by boat or hiking in summer or snow mobile in winter. Such a pretty little church perfectly situated by the lake.

 The wind picked up and a cold day just got Arctic – eyelashes froze, fingers went numb and it was a race to get back across the lake and into the warmth of the tour office. I have lost a couple of layers of skin on my fingers and Ben has a chunk out of his thumb. Rob ended up with a burn on the side of his face but in the scheme of things and with the weather we came out of it quite lightly!

 That night we ate our final dinner at the resort and then we heard it – lights had been spotted, they were actually just over the top of the hotel. Final pictures including a great shot with all of us and it’s Goodbye to the arctic.

 Tomorrow we start our travel to Helsinki and then on to Iceland!!! The next phase of our adventure has begun.

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