Iceland – Diving Silfra & Exploring Geysers, Glaciers and Waterfalls

Day 1 in Iceland, an interesting start with too much luggage and not enough space in the car so a quick stop off to pick up a trailer and now we are off! Our guide Gummi, is a large Viking looking guy with big long blond dreadlocks. He is a fount of knowledge already explaining that Iceland has only 330,000 people even though the island is the same size as the U.K.
 My first thought itself are that it is a barren harsh landscape, it makes me wonder what the original settlers though when the settled here, what hidden potential did these people see here?

 This morning we booked in diving / snorkeling at Silfra, which is the spot where the two tectonic plates for Europe and America meet. The water here is about 2 degrees year round so it was time for dry suits. These are large, stiff and a little bit cumbersome but we were promised that these would keep us 100% dry. The only parts not promised to keep dry was our heads and hands, these would just use normal wetsuit material. The setup itself is pretty slick, metal steps directly down into the water to protect the fragile moss and rocks of the environment. Mum and I both decided to snorkel, the boys dived. The water visibility was crystal clear, the landscape itself was two large walls of rock dropping down some places there are black holes, the bottom bit even visible. It was only in the last 15 minutes that the cold water started affecting my hands, my fingers stinging in my gloves. The boys loved the dive but their biggest issue was balancing the dry suit.

First was a Geyser, the smell of rotten eggs drifting over the landscape, the pressure of the water and the noise as it exploded up into the cold air.

  Next we drove up the top of a glacier, the car only able to get there because of the super large tires. The perfect silence in the middle of no where, the white stretching from beneath your feet up to the sky, only the black rocks stopping you from losing your bearings.

 Finally a waterfall, our first waterfall in Iceland and so much water. When you consider how little water we have in Australia seeing the sheer amount moving was awesome.

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  1. Beautiful!! Nice post:) traveling is what makes life worth living:)

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