Iceland – Glaciers, Ice Caves, Icebergs and Black Sand Beaches … all in a days work!

Today we had sunshine, perfect golden light rose with the sun and where were we during this phenomenon? Wandering around at the top of a glacier of course. Today we our glacier hike and ice cave exhibition so we strapped on our crampons and hard hats! Glaciers are compressed snow, if you think about how compressed its a lot, the ice way are walking on sparkles and shines in the morning sun and no matter the trepidation at doing something with the potential for me to slide or fall into deep dark crevasses there is no way I would miss this tour. 
 So tromp up the side of a glacier we did, single file desperately digging our feet into the silky ice. No photos taken even come close to highlighting just how beautiful the view was from the top! 
The ice cave was located at the top of the first tiny part of the glacier and although the entrance to the cave was low and tight once you were inside it opened up to a room tall enough to stand and even stretch your arms above your head in spots. The underside of the glacier is fascinating, air bubbles and soft gentle waves flashing in the light, a soft teal blue reflecting from the sun outside. We were so lucky to have such a perfect day to see this, if the weather outside was grey and raining I don’t know if we would have been treated to such colors. 
Next up was iceberg lagoon – hundreds of icebergs float gently in this lagoon almost sitting and waiting for the tide to change before they can gently drift out to sea.

 Finally the diamond beach where large icebergs glitter like diamonds against the black sand beach. This would have to be my favorite moment of the day!

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