Snaefellsnes peninsula – Iceland 

A new day a new adventure, today saw us exploring Snaefellsnes peninsula, if we thought what we had seen on Iceland before was barren and isolated we were in for a shock, this peninsula is as Barren a landscape as I have seen. Vast empty stretches of flat snow covered land stretch towards large imposing mountain ranges. The wind blowing a trail of snow across the top like pink fluffy clouds. The sun rose late today at 11.20 so the whole landscape was shrouded in a soft pink and pale blue glow. 
We drove through harsh and rugged lava fields that stretched from the mountains to the coast. The coast itself is shaped by lava with dark basalt cliffs jutting starkly out of the water. It’s funny basalt lava creates these amazing 5 cornered structures and you can see these both horizontally and on its end. One particular looked like an old Viking ship!

 An isolated church, a snow covered beach and a beautiful waterfall rounded off our day of exploring.

 We were staying in a small fishing town called Stykkisholmur. With traditional Danish architecture the small colorful buildings circling the harbour make a quaint pictures view. Our hotel, Egilsen is one of the oldest buildings in the town perfectly situated overlooking the fishing harbour. This has got to be one of the prettiest hotels I have ever stayed in, it’s quaint teal walls and warm antique Scandinavian feel were perfect.

 We came across a tiny little pub at the end of the harbour, just visible on the snow covered blackboard was the word “happy” … with the ridiculous price of beer here in Iceland the idea of a happy hour was enough to have us brushing of the board and rushing in for a relatively reasonably priced drink. 12 beers, 8 wines and a meal each later left the tiny little pub in the snow and made our way to bed. Certainly not our busiest day but it felt like we saw a piece of Iceland today that was off the tourist track.

 Tomorrow we are going to be exploring a lava tube … can’t wait!

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