Iceland – lava tubes, waterfalls and hot springs … oh my!

Facts about Iceland, it was back in 864 Norwegians settled in Iceland, they have one of the oldest formal parliaments in the world and Icelandic is closest Scandinavian language to old Norse language. Impressed? You should be, in the hours that he has been driving us around our guide Gummy has passed on so many interesting facts and stories about Iceland I think my head is going to explode! Did you know they don’t have a military and during WW2 they were “invaded” by Britain who wanted a strategic military base in the area. Also something fascinating to understand is their one and only War, which was with Britain which they claim they won! The Icelandic Coastguard against the British navy! YouTube “cod wars, Iceland Britain” its fascinating reading!
 So today we started off with a drive to these massive basalt cliffs, it almost looks man made.

  Next up we visited a hot spring that they now use for power generation. Additionally the water is piped directly to houses as a continued source of hot water.

 Finally and I like this one very much they use the hot water to heat glasshouses and are able to grow all sorts of tropical fruit and out of season vegetables because they are able to keep everything warm. For a country with very little ability to grow produce outdoors they produce a staggering 40% of their fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs this way.

 Another set of waterfalls, these one smaller and more delicate with water flowing from lava Chanel’s.

 Speaking of lava next stop was our lava tube caving. Located at the foot of a glacier we were helmeted up and walked to the edge of the cave, this was actually a section of the cave that had collapsed giving us an entrance to the cave.

 It was cold let today with the temp down to -13 so there was a lot of ice on the floor and board ways meaning we half walked half skated across the floor. It was a surprisingly large tube, the largest known lava tube in Iceland and was almost perfectly rounded in some sections. You could see small patches where the lava had stuck and cooled, it was a fascinating tour.

 Finally we super-jeeped it driving to the top of a glacier 1255m above sea level. Everything was white and because of the snow you couldn’t even see the glacier but the absolute silence up there was eerie.

 Tomorrow is our last day with Gummy, a little bit more exploring and then the blue lagoon. I’m not going to lie everyone is just a little bit exhausted with the frantic pace we have been keeping to see as much of Iceland as possible so a few hours lazing around in a heated pool sound like just the trick to me right now!

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  1. Looks like a great trip…maybe a bit cold? 🙂 Didn’t you bathe in any of the hot springs? If you return, here is a list on many of them, complete with GPS coordinates, an interactive map and full of videos from the different springs:
    Safe travels!

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