Iceland – The Blue Lagoon, Our Last Hurrah!

Today we watched the sun rise from an isolated beach south west of Rejykavik. Our last real sunrise in this country and watching it rise from such an isolated spot was bitter sweet.

 This particular part of Iceland is know for its geothermal activity and is covered in lava fields and thermal springs. The lava fields spread out across the landscape in a never ending sea of harsh rock. I picture mars to have a similar landscape, harsh and barren and yet beautiful all at the same time. The hot springs on the other hand you can see from miles away, the steam slowly drifting up above the rocks. The smell of sulfur is almost overwhelming as you wander through a section of the springs the sand bubbling up as the water boiled over.

 Now for the final luxury of the trip – a visit to the blue lagoon! I was hesitant about booking this because it is so very touristy but to be honest it one of those things you just have to do and although it was a little chaotic at the beginning when you finally get through the maze of change rooms and showers and you get into the water it suddenly dawns on you that what you are doing is just a little bit special! It was -8 degrees outside and the water was around 38 degrees meaning we had the most amazing swim with steam drifting gently over the blue pool. It was such a great way to end our trip to Iceland … tomorrow we travel to London!


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