Self Drive Tour of Cottswolds & Oxford – day 1 Blenheim Palace and our Air B&B

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you have to just pull on your big girl panties and do it anyway no matter how scared you are. For us that day was yesterday when we were told that driving out of the center of London was going to be easy! That’s right people we picked up a hire car in the center of London! Crazy you may say but the truth was it wasn’t so bad. Firstly it was Sunday and and secondly we started out early before anyone was really up and moving!
 Our plan is to spend the next few days in the country, around oxford and the Cotswolds if possible. So we took the great big motorway and drove for about 2 hours before we arrived at our first stop Blenheim Palace.

 One of the most beautifully situated palaces in England I was pretty excited to visit here, of course it was raining (it is England) but that wasn’t going to dampen my enthusiasm, the palace itself is beautiful but what really stood out for me was an exhibition on the history of the palace, they used animations and live scenes with moving dummy’s to take us through some of the main moments in the houses history.

 Another stand out for me was the library, I have to admit I do have a bit of a thing about libraries and this one didn’t disappoint!

 Next up was a bit for of a drive to a small village called Sulgrave. We had booked our very first Air B&B and were excited/nervous to see how it was going to go.

 We shouldn’t have worried, the little cottage is adorable, stone walls, old floors and big windows with views out into the garden. This is our home for the next two days and it’s quite possibly the cutest place we have ever stayed. It’s actually an old renovated forge and there is even a well with a glass top in the middle of the lounge room. Located opposite the village church the bells are ringing softly as I write this blog post.

 Because we have been eating out for the last 4 weeks we decided to have a nice easy comfortable home cooked meal, so jumped back in the car and drove to the nearest big town, Banbury. I had read that they had a 24 hour tesco’s where we could get our supplies. After getting slightly lost on the very confusing little village roads we arrived right on 4 and were promptly told that the store was just closing and we couldn’t enter. Apparently the 24 hour advertising bit meant 24 hours only when it’s not closed ??? Go figure. So our second plan was the village pub … also closed on a Sunday night at 6pm. We certainly are in the country so we settle on Pringles (car snacks we purchased from a gas station) and eggs on toast, breakfast provided by the cottage host. An interesting start to our trip, tomorrow we will be hopefully (if we don’t get to lost) visiting a few of the little towns in the Cottswolds.

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