British Airways First Class Review – London to Dubai 747

I stared out the window as the plane rose up into the sky, Londons lights twinkling in their very own goodbye, but I’m rushing ahead, our flight from London to Dubai starts 3 hours earlier when we pull up at the curb of Terminal 5 at Heathrow. First class passengers have their own check in at the end of the terminal. There is no lines, no waiting just a smooth check in with around 100kg per person in baggage allowance. Because we had been restricted on internal European flights we came in around 26kgs each.
 Next up was the dreaded security but that too was fast tracked with our very own security lines. It was fast and quite painless mainly because everyone seemed to know exactly what to do with liquids and laptops all ready to be scanned separately. Right opposite the security exit was the lounge door, tickets were checked and we were in and boy was it pretty.

 Plush lounges, crystal chandeliers, a luxury bar and a private dining area are only a few of the benefits available in this lounge. We had breakfast, eggs Benedict and coffee before I zipped off to the spa for my complimentary manicure. Flying first class means you can book your complimentary spa treatment within 30 days of your flight. Now it’s time for your flight and unlike Emirates everyone boards through the same air bridge. Although there was a separate line for business and first class it appeared that it was a bit of a free for all so we did have to line up to board. Our plane was a 747 and we were sitting at the pointy end turning left instead of right when we boarded. The configuration was two double seats in the middle and six on each side with windows. We had the two seats right up the very front, we were in the nose of the plane.

 Our plane had been recently refitted so it was all black leather and soft blue lighting. The seats themselves were soft and comfortable and the way there were configured you could sit on the footstool and take your meals opposite your loved one. The staff were lovely the champagne brilliant, for me the one downfall was that when I ordered beef they had run out. These flights are not cheap and first class is only half full so I would have thought that they would have had enough for everyone. One of my personal favorites though was the classic British afternoon tea, scones, finger sandwiches and even some delightful little cakes, even the coffee was exceptional!

 The only thing that wasn’t brilliant when compared to Emirates was the bathrooms, they were exactly the same as you would find in business or even economy. This wouldn’t have even been something I would consider had I not spent the previous two flights in the absolute luxury of their bathrooms!

  Overall I loved the flight, it was a great way to travel and I am going to be sad traveling back to Perth economy but I do think that it’s a special way to travel. If you were to do this every single trip I think it would lose its specialness! Do I realize just how lucky I am to have been able to travel first class not once but three times hell yes. Next up is Dubai, Bens own personal Disneyland!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed your selves

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