Onto Our Next Adventure

Three weeks ago I was at my wits end, the frenetic pace of my ever expanding job had stretched me to breaking point and the only thing keeping me going was 7 little words

“I’d like to hand in my resignation”

The freedom that those words meant was tantalizing, what would I do next, could I give up work for good … it was a path with no real direction and instead of being nervous or even worried about the future I was excited about the near endless opportunities. My work however was less excited about this and in the end I am staying but a compromise was reached … a month off to recharge and refresh.

Obviously that opens up the world, how did I want to use my month, what would be that perfect balance of relaxation for me and adventure for Ben.

What did we decide you may ask … well I am sitting here in the Qatar lounge on my way to Dallas. That’s right we are hitting the USA and the different thing about this trip is we don’t have a plan. Flights and one nights accommodation booked and nothing else.

The plan … just drive. Let’s see how we go!

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  1. This should be quite an adventure enjoy

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