Dallas to Houston … a White Knuckle Journey

So we have officially arrived in the USA! The flights themselves were lovely, Qatar business class was comfortable modern and luxurious, the service amazing and to be honest I slept most of the trip. Our trip through USA immigration and customs was long but uneventful so overall a successful beginning.

That is why I am quite surprised that jetlag has hit me so very hard! I actually woke up feeling fuzzy and queasy and really just want to spend the day in bed not driving to Houston with a stop at the outlet malls to buy Ben some clothes!

Now that in itself is a story, Usually I pack for Ben but this this trip he promised me “I got this Peta”. Moving onto today and suddenly two pairs of shorts and a few T-shirt’s won’t cut it so off to the outlet malls we go… do I think this was his plan all along? Maybe?

But before we talk about the mall let’s talk about the drive. Dallas to Houston … approx 4 hrs and the roads are not great. The freeways are horrendous full of potholes and damaged concrete. It’s a white knuckle experience where the speed limit is 120km / 75mph but everyone seems to be doing double that and on top of it all if your not driving a truck the size on a small semi trailer you have to be prepared to get out of the way quickly because they will run you down.

Now for the good part … shopping. The Premium outlet mall is located on the way to Houston so it was nice to have a bit of a stop. Australian outlet malls have nothing on this place where designer men’s T-shirt’s are under $20 and Ben purchased 4 pairs of Hurley shorts for $120. My biggest purchase of the day was $140 for a pair of Escada heels … ok so maybe I bought 2 and Ben purchased $700 coach leather duffel bag for 70% off!

By the time we got to the hotel it was 6.30 and after a quick room service dinner and a moment to congratulate ourselves for not falling asleep during the day we crashed! Oh the joys of jetlag!

Tomorrow it’s a traditional southern breakfast and a day trip to NASA so stay tuned!

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  1. I did tell you about the roads OH so scary, just be prepared for any thing and be safe
    Love you mum 🚒🚛🚚🚑🚓

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