Ok I Confess – I’m a Closet Space Nerd!

OMG … today was full on! We started by having breakfast at a local institution The Breakfast Klub. This place claims it sells “stick to your ribs soul food” and it’s not unusual on the weekend to see lines around the block! The couple we met in front of us regularly make the trip from out of town just for these breakfasts. We settled on sharing a plate of biscuits and gravy and a serving of fried chicken and waffles! This has got to be the heaviest breakfast I think I have ever eaten and while it was certainly a great experience I don’t think it’s something I could do every weekend!

Next up was a 30 minute drive to NASA. I don’t know if you are aware but I’m a bit of a closet space nerd so for me this was the epic part of the day. My suggestion if you are going to NASA is to get there early and get straight on the shuttle tours before they get busy. We did just that with our first tour to mission control where one of the staff told us about what’s happening on the space station including a recent breakthrough on space based breast cancer research. Next up we rushed straight into the next tour which was visiting the astronauts training facility. This was a working facility full of a crazy amount of stuff, it was a fascinating experience and I’m so very glad I got to see both. One thing I would say here is if you can, try to book during the week because the training facility is empty on the weekend. During the week you would have a lot more to see with everyone working on their respective projects! We also took a look at all the other exhibits including the space shuttle sitting on top of the big plane.

Next up was a visit to local sports shop called Bass Pro. Now this shop is massive, it holds a large aquarium, a zoo full of stuffed animals and a million ways to kill animals and fish! After wading through a sea of camouflage Ben was fascinated with the endless wall of gun, the aisles of boxes of bullets and even a whole section full of crossbows! I personally found it uncomfortable watching guys handle large shotguns and semi automatic weapons while a young son watched on perched on the bench between dad and the salesman. This is an integral part of the America’s lifestyle I really can’t get onboard with!

So that was the end of our time in Houston, next up is New Orleans!

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  1. Ben looks way to happy with a gun in his hands
    Don’t let him bring one home ha ha

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