Houston to New Orleans … a drive down plantation alley!

Another big day of driving today with us having to cover around 562km’s to get from Houston to New Orleans. We started super early and managed to avoid the week day peak hour traffic but it was still a long drive.

The first issue we came across was fueling up the car! Silly you may say but something vital on such a long trip! Apparently the issue wasn’t us but it took 3 different service stations until things started working. The change between Texas and Louisiana came quite quickly, as soon as we hit the coast the open planes closed up with trees and shrubs closing in on the road! The Forrest on both sides of the highway seem wild with everything choked with vines like one big impenetrable barrier.

One stop we did make on the journey was to the world famous Walmart! Now this store completely blows my mind with everything on a massive scale! A 1.75 little bottle of Smirnoff Vodka for only $19! How is the even possible. It doesn’t stop there, with giant boxes of chips and even a milk carton size jug of Gatorade!

Finally we arrived at Nottoway Plantation house, it was such a pretty building perfectly situated in amongst the 300 year old elm trees! The house itself wasn’t as fancy as some we have seen but the tour itself gave us a great understanding of a plantation family and how they made their money in cotton and sugar cane! The tour also went on to discuss the role of slaves at the plantation but was prefaced with the idea that it was a socially acceptable practice when the plantation was built.

Overall a very interesting tour and Ben and I can’t wait to take a look at Oak Alley tomorrow!

In regards to accommodation, we decided today to try something a little bit different. Instead of our usual hotel we tried a B&B called Sully Mansion located in the garden district and it’s absolutely picturesque. The manager is lovely and has pretty much planned our time in New Orleans with lots of lovely restaurant and tour recommendations.

After settling in we headed down to Bourbon Street via Uber and I’m not going to lie, our Uber driver scared the shit out of us talking about little six year olds with guns stealing our phones.

In reality Bourben street is just plain sad. Monday night at 7.30pm there was a scattering if people wandering around covered in cheap beads skulling cocktails from plastic cups. It even smelt terrible with the streets covered in rubbish and full of puddles of god knows what. We moved pretty quickly out of Bourbon street and found a fabulous little hole in the wall restaurant where we shared a bottle of champagne and celebrated our arrival into the big easy!

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  1. How big are the bottles of booze and soooo!! Cheap I can understand why we drink so much on USA holidays enjoy try to only remember the good stuff be safe love mum xxx

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