Abingdon & The Creeper Trail!

When we checked into the very adorable Martha Washington Inn in the small town of Abington the first question we were asked was … so when are you doing the Creeper Trail?

What is the Creeper Trail you may ask … I certainly did. Well it is a 17 mile (27.5km) down hill bike ride through some of the most spectacular Forests in the country. So first thing we did when we got to our room was to book ourselves on this ride the next morning. I’m not going to like it was an early start with us having to be in the neighboring town of Damascus at 8am! The good news is that the 8am tour is one of the best to do because you have the track to yourself. We were allocated bikes … me choosing a very practical cruiser bike and Ben going for a pure BMX!

The bikes are loaded onto a trailer and we into a van and we are on our way up the mountain which is a 45 minute journey. What we discovered during this trip up the mountain is that these tours book out 3 months in advance on the weekends and the only reason we got on the tour is because of a late cancellation! Talk about lucky.

So the journey down the mountain was spectacular! We had large trees paving our path, we rode over cute little bridges and gently flowing rivers. There were other people on the trail but the rules were simple, if you want to overtake you say loudly “on your left” and the people you are overtaking will move to the right. It was mostly unpacked gravel and a cover of golden fallen leaves.

We stopped half way through at a small cafe for sandwiches and apparently the best chocolate cake I would ever taste. Ok so the cake was good but Ben and I have officially decided that Dr Pepper and Root Beer are not our favorite drinks. To be honest neither of us could drink them!

This unfortunately was the point where things started to go downhill for Ben with me constantly hearing how sore his bum, back and wrists were. Yes readers … my husband is getting old and it had nothing to do with his silly choice of bike! I on the other had found my bike perfectly comfortable.

So the Creeper Trail took us about 3.5 hours to finish including our lunch stop! After that we explored the small town! Their Antiques stores were full of interesting bits and it’s such a shame it’s so hard to get stuff home. I did manage to procure myself a very fragile white glass fruit bowl … how I will get that home, no real idea yet!

Tomorrow we start on the Blue Ridge Parkway … stay tuned

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  1. What a great adventure country side looks beautiful keep the photos coming love Mum and Dad

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