Roanoke – Burgers & a Festival

I don’t know if you have noticed but by going to Abingdon and the Creeper Trail we actually diverted off the blue ridge parkway quite significantly. Today was all about moving ourselves back onto the right track. So we travelled to a small city called Roanoke.

It was Sunday and mostly everything in town was closed but lucky for us there was a festival called “go outside”. It was all about biking and water sports and everything outdoor. There were places for BMX guys to show us their stuff and dogs to do running leaps into big ponds! oh yes and did I mention goat yoga, apparently it’s a thing. It would have been amazing but it was super super hot …. I know what am I saying so we had a look around and drove back to town for a quick bite to eat.

Jack Browns Beer & Burger Joint was the place to be with the best burgers I have tasted yet. You know what … Ben picked a better one than me! It was called the Elvis and it was a cheese burger but with peanut butter and mayo! It was spectacularly good, they also had other options we didn’t try with donut buns and other weird combinations.

Finally our B&B … I’m not going to go into too much detail here but it was the first one we didn’t love. There were rules for absolutely everything like when we could and couldn’t touch the dog, which towels to use for what and where the key lives when we are not out. Personally I was uncomfortable staying here and it was made even worse when she turned the air con off at 10pm with another rule not allowing us to open windows. No photos for this one, we were just lucky to get out!

It was bound to happen, a B&B that wasn’t awesome and we have been super lucky so far so let’s just hope tomorrow’s option is better. Tomorrow we finally join the Blue Ridge Parkway.

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  1. Yep goat 🐐 yoga is a bit weird have seen a few documentaries on it just dosnt look 👀 that relaxing. Hope your next B&B is better love Dad and Mum xxx

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