Sky Line Drive and The Road to Gettysburg

fYou know that moment when you feel yourself finally slowing down. You pulse isn’t drumming in your ears, your fight and flight reflex slows down and you are able to go whole hours without fretting about what’s going on at home? Well I may very well have reached that point and it feels wonderful.

Today was the Sky Line Drive and even better than yesterday the speed limit was a very stress free 35 minutes. I can’t really say more than yesterday except that I feel so lucky to be able to enjoy something so beautiful.

Did you know most Americans I have spoken to agree that this is one of the most beautiful drives they have seem? It’s spectacular it really is and the slow driving speed allows everyone to savor the experience.

Ben and I have started playing country tunes on the trip and both of us sporadically break out into very bad Karaoke renditions but it’s great fun.

The Sky Line Drive took us about 3.5 hours to finish, we didn’t stop as much as the day before … maybe we are becoming jaded with the view? We did however end up making it all the way to Gettysburg afterwards to it was a good travel day. We weren’t sure just how long it would take to finish the drive so didn’t book anything in advance. I found us quite quickly a small in on the outskirts of town with availability for 1 night so I hit book and crossed my fingers.

The inn was called “The Inn at White Oak” and it was located down the very end of a small lane. We weren’t sure what to expect but what we found blew our minds. It’s perfectly situated amongst correct and trees, there are deer and squirrels wander by around the property. It was magical. Our room, the Colonel’s quarters was very cute with a lovely little sun room off to the side. As soon as we checked in we asked the owner if there was any availability for another night and she advised if we were prepared to swap rooms she could accommodate us for a second night. Yay. So tomorrow we explore Gettysburg! I’m looking forward to learning more about the civil war!

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