Gettysburg – Civil War 101

Waking up in Gettysburg is surprisingly peaceful. You hear birds and the breeze rustling through the trees but not much else. What does wake you up is the smell of cooking, breakfast at the White Oak Inn is slow an delicious.

The day starts slowly so it’s not until 11 that we jump in the car to start our day and the first stop is the Gettysburg Visitors Center at the national military park. First up is a video narrated by non other than Morgan freeman which explains the basics on why the war started and then goes into detail about the three day battle of Gettysburg.

As Australians we didn’t really understand the civil war so this was a great jumping off point for us. Next up was the Cyclorama which is a full 360 painting commissioned in the late 1800’s outlining the last big battle of Gettysburg ‘Pickets Charge’ it has been restored and now includes lights and background narration as the lighting changes from day to night. The rest of the museum was very well done but we were off because our afternoons excitement included a Segway and Ben was super excited.

Gettysburg Segways took very good care of us with an extensive training program before we are even allowed out on the road. Now before we go to far let me explain why a Segway is such a great idea on touring the military park. Surprisingly for us the military park extends most of the battle site with the land brought back to how it would have looked in the 1860’s. Obviously the battle zone spans the entire town and beyond and goes up and down the surrounding hills and countryside. The segways let you zip through the different battle areas while an audio guide narrates the days events in chronological order. It was a perfect day weather wise an we enjoyed zipping around the park.

Finally back to the inn where we had been moved into “The Commanders Quarters” which was spectacular. A HUGE king sized bed, stone fireplace and a huge stretch of windows overlooking the park. Tonight is going to be awesome, all I can picture is snuggling up in that big bed watching the deer have a drink in the lake first thing in the morning.

I will be sad to leave this lovely little bnb!

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