Gettysburg – The Extended Version

So this morning we were ready to check out of our little inn, we had one final tour booked and then we were going to be on our way when the innkeeper said she had had a late cancellation in our room and would we like to stay another night!

Well of course we would … perfect timing yet again.

So back to the tour, because the battlefield is so big instead of walking around with a personal guide the guide drives your car to various places of interest while giving you this tour. This has got to be one of the best organized set ups we have ever come across.

Ok so the guide today just built on the basic knowledge we acquired yesterday. He is a walking encyclopedia and has this way of making the battles come alive as he tells you. It’s funny Gettysburg is the most famous battle of the civil war, it also is one of the bloodiest with almost a third of their armies dead or injured but it was only 3 days. This battle turned the tide of the civil way, I wonder how differently America would be if the confederates has won this battle and forced Lincoln to negotiate. The southern states would have been their own country, slavery would have continued and what would things look like now … it’s fascinating to think how things might have been different.

After that we wandered around the most picturesque little town to day, pretty little streets, friendly people and perfect sunshine.

We will have to force ourselves to leave tomorrow and I think I will be genuinely sad to go … let’s hope our next destination in Lancaster is as lovely.

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  1. Would have been very interesting tour and I love the old building

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