Island Explorers – Big Island

One of the main luxuries of having a rental car is the ability to just jump in the car and explore. Today was that day of exploration, we decided to just go for a drive. Little did we know that drive was going to take us to the southern most part of Hawaii. Our justification, since we kept going north on all of our travels we decided to go south instead, so we jumped in the car and just started driving.

First stop was a beautiful beach, lots of beaches in Kona, most black sand but this was the first time we had made the time to actually explore. This one had an old damaged jetty and with the swell crashing into the old concrete pilings the view was spectacular.

Next up I finally got to experience a Malasada, a very delicious Hawaiian version of a donut. These ones were guava so totally amazing, I think I’m going to be searching for a few different versions of the Malasada just so I can be sure they all taste as good as this particular version. Where you ask did we find these amazing Malasada, it was actually Punalu’s – the southern most bakery in the USA.

Ok, ok, enough about the food, at this point our destination was decided. We were visiting the Volcano national park where we could see craters, rain forest and even our very own lava tube. The park was super busy (it is christmas) and to be honest I really struggled with the limited amount of parking available for each of the attractions. There were cars just driving up and down waiting impatiently for someone to leave. To make it worse buses would regularly park in car bays leaving even less space for cars. So I have told you all the negatives, but it really is beautiful. Huge tree ferns, the lava tube is interesting and its a great day out.

The funny thing is though, for me the highlight of the day was actually stopping on the side of the road on our way home and exploring a lava field. The way the lava moves, pushing patterns into the ground is fascinating. Its harsh and completely barren but strangely beautiful in its natural formations. The Big Island is famous for its live volcano’s and I for one am glad that we were able to spend some time exploring it fully. Tomorrow we move on to a new island and new adventures, but for me lava and volcano’s are still just as wonderful as they were when we were children.


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